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LEDD Technologies is a technology services and solutions provider, helping clients achieve their digital transformation objectives and improve their IT agility, delivering business innovation with better cloud platforms and services. With over 10 years of experience providing such solutions to every industry vertical in the State of Qatar and beyond, LEDD Technologies has gained a flexibility in adapting each solution directly for the client’s needs. Backed by a team of selected technical professionals who have served the supply chain and logistics industry domain locally and internationally managed by a combined 45 years of experience, we have handled every situation, and are prepared to overcome every challenge – a wealth of ability and expertise that we now submit to you.

What we do

Order Management System

A simple yet powerful tool, LEDD’s Order Management System (OMS) consolidates your order fulfillment workflow and gives you faster delivery times. Our unique user interface allows for greater integration between your OMS and e-commerce platform, all while adding more control over delivery and distribution that allows for electronic proof of delivery.

Fleet Management System

Vital for any transport strategy, our real-time vehicle monitoring and control software allows you to manage any type of fleet and save time and money. Stay in charge of what is happening with your fleet and improve your fleet’s performance.

Warehouse Management System

The LEDD Warehouse Management System (WMS) excellent solution for managing materials, information and finances as it moves in the process from suppliers to the warehouse, the wholesaler, the retailer and finally to the consumer. The WMS coordinates and integrates the process flows both within and among companies with ultimate goal to control inventory.

Microsoft Cloud Services

As a Microsoft Sliver Partner in the State of Qatar, our team is fully prepared to help clients maximize the potential of every product and service option available in the Microsoft Azure and Office 365 suites. Based on your specific requirements, our cloud team will help you find the most cost-effective, scalable, and secure solution for your needs.

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