Comprehensive Cloud Backup Solution

LEDD Drive Cloud Backup


LEDD Drive is a complete solution that meets all of your business needs through a secure, flexible, affordable and smart system.


All-in-One Backup Solution


LEDD Drive makes it easier to automatically back up your files from any data source, all from one location.


Users Permissions, Administrator Roles, Remote Restore, Active Directory Deployment, Advanced Auditing, Policy Management, Encryption and MFA Support, Multiple Global Data-Centers


We’ve introduced the world’s first Tribrid Backup. This enables businesses to protect all their data and save storage cost by leveraging three different storage types within the same backup solution.


Do you use Google? We are just as simple and accurate to use. Search anything from anywhere instantly, whether you have one device, or tens of thousands of devices around the globe, whether it’s a few files or billions of files, find what you are looking for easily, and instantly. 


Centralized administration console, where you can deploy, configure, grant access, audit and restore data to users all without having to leave your seat.

Instantly activate, suspend, and delete users, reset passwords, set storage limits, and assign new backup policies. 


Boost collaboration and productivity with LEDD Drive. From a handheld device, users can discover any content and protect their data stored on their tablets or mobile phones.

Apps are available on Android and Apple Stores


Disruptive Backup Solution

Traditional backup services can’t keep pace with your increasing data needs. Stay ahead of the curve by using A.I. power and skyrocket your productivity

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